The groundbreaking program developed by Dr. Arnold P. Goldstein and Dr. Barry Glick . . .

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Aggression Replacement Training®
A Comprehensive Intervention for Aggressive Youth
Third Edition—Revised and Expanded
Dr. Barry Glick and Dr. John C. Gibbs

NEW—Direct translation into Spanish of the Third Edition of Aggression Replacement Training®.

Aggression Replacement Training® (ART) is a research-based, proven-effective approach for working with challenging youth. This revised and expanded edition is the culmination of over 30 years of use in schools, community agencies, juvenile institutions, and other settings.

The authors elaborate on the techniques and strategies for each of Aggression Replacement Training's three components, clarifying the theory behind the interventions and offering user-friendly suggestions for successful implementation. They present program procedures in the form of sessions, including step-by-step instructions for conducting each group meeting.

Aggression Replacement Training features three coordinated and integrated components:

  • Social Skills Training—Teaches participants what to do, helping them replace antisocial behaviors with positive alternatives.
  • Anger Control—Teaches participants what not to do, helping them respond to anger in a nonaggressive manner and rethink anger-provoking situations.
  • Moral Reasoning—Helps raise participants' level of fairness, justice, and concern for the needs and rights of others.

Part 1: Aggression Replacement Training Program Content and Implementation

  1. Aggression Replacement Training Components and Implementation Concerns
  2. Social Skills Training: The Behavioral Component of Aggression Replacement Training
  3. Anger Control Training: The Affective Component of Aggression Replacement Training
  4. Moral Reasoning: The Cognitive Component of Aggression Replacement Training
  5. Group Member Motivation and Resistance
  6. Enhancing Generalization of Performance
  7. Application Models and Evaluations of Program Effectiveness
  8. Program Administration and Management

Part 2: Aggression Replacement Training Sessions

Provides 10 weeks of group training sessions for each of Aggression Replacement Training's targeted interventions: Social Skills Training, Anger Control Training, and Moral Reasoning.

Appendixes include guidelines, checklists, moral reasoning problem situations, and summaries of outcome evaluations.

An accompanying CD provides printable PDFs of all of the reproducible program forms, skill posters, and student handouts.

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